An important question for company directors and executives...

Will your shareholders, customers and the media portray you as a LEADER or a LOSER after your organisation suffers a cyber breach?

Yes, it is harsh, but when a cyber crisis occurs it will be you under the spotlight

Here is a three-step process to remain the leader rather than become the loser



Chances are you don’t know that much about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of cybercrime, let alone the six ways it can impact your organisation and bring an abrupt end to your career



It is rare that an organisation has a fit for purpose strategy for combating cybercrime. When a crisis occurs, not having a strategy shows the world that your organisation is reactive and spontaneous



For close to two decades IT was made accountable for cybercrime, but who cares most about protecting your personal reputation and your career – would that be IT or you? It’s time you took ownership

Say goodbye to your fear and ignorance of cybercrime


It’s a real shame that until now, any kind of cybercrime education has been off limits for directors and executives. A few days away from the office, ridiculous prices, too much jargon – these have been barriers. It’s time to cut through the maze

We can help you obtain powerful insight into the basics of cybercrime and its impacts to your organisation

Be prepared for whatever adversity your organisation may face


Rarely does an organisation have a complete cyber strategy aligned with the business strategy resulting in sporadic behaviour much like tumbleweed blowing whichever direction the wind carries it

We can help you develop foresight that your organisation can embrace to beat the rising cost of cybercrime

Take charge and be the leader your organisation needs


The cybercrime pandemic we face today can be traced back to the mistake of making IT accountable for combating cybercrime. Naturally, IT plays an important role but not one of accountability so let’s fix that mistake

We can help you gain oversight as we work with you to turn your organisation into a weapon for combating cybercrime

A famous quote from Saint Francis of Assisi

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance”

We took this quote to heart and developed a three hour workshop to deliver cybercrime wisdom to empower your entire board of directors and executive team

and all it costs is a small donation from your organisation to a charity of your choice

Isn’t it time you replaced your fear and ignorance of cybercrime with charity and wisdom?

Join over 1,000 company directors and executives that wanted cybercrime simplified and explained without the jargon

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