We protect company directors from being vilified by the media in the event of a cyber breach

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In 2013 the public reaction to cyber breaches changed with the blame shifting from the computer room to the boardroom.

Today that trend continues.

It is already too late for Gregg Steinhafel, Amy Pascal, Katherine Archuleta, Noel Biderman, and Dido Harding, former directors of Target, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Office of Personnel Management, Ashley Madison, and Talk Talk, respectively – all of whom had unexpected and abrupt endings to their careers due to being unprepared for cybercrime.


It is not too late for you, however.

Granted, the fast-paced world of innovation may not have been a world you envisaged and a world in which cybercriminals can turn not only the organisation you serve, but your career and life, upside down in the blink of an eye, but it is, nevertheless, the world that we live in. It’s a reality and every day you are in a battle not only to stay on top of competitive and economic threats, but also cyber threats.

The media is trained to sniff out fear, ignorance, or negligence and will use it to portray you as a villain. They will go to great lengths to uncover how that cyber breach has emotional and physical impacts on shareholders, customers, business partners, and employees.

How the media portrays you all depends on your response to a cyber breach. That response depends on how prepared you are; and how prepared you are depends on what you understand about cybercrime and how it affects your organisation.

It saddens us to see executive and non-executive directors gamble with their futures given the lifetime of perseverance, hard work, dedication and results they have achieved, simply because they failed to understand the real impacts of cybercrime.

The choice is yours. You can keep ignoring the problem thinking that it is under control; or you can gain the insight, foresight, and oversight you need to take action.


We help company directors overcome the fear of being vilified by the media when their organisation is the victim of a cyber attack through understanding of internal and external threats, where the organisation has the greatest impact to cybercrime, and just how much those impacts cost


We help company directors avoid being labelled by the media as ignorant about the organisation’s abilities or lack thereof to prevent a cyber breach through working with stakeholders to develop a cyber resilience battle plan that prepares your organisation as a strong adversary for cybercriminals


We help company directors avoid being branded by the media as negligent in their response to a cyber attack through assisting to enlighten and empower the directors, executives and all of the employees to play a small, but vital, role in becoming the ultimate weapon against cybercrime