Who are we and how do we help you?

We are a management consultancy that helps executive and non-executive company directors uncover the core problems causing cybercrime costs to rise

Conceived and grown in the harbour city of Sydney, Australia, we are a boutique management consultancy that specialises in working with company directors to reduce the rising cost of cybercrime. Best of all, we come jargon free and speak your language.

Cybercrime cost companies across the globe more than $450 billion in 2015 and is set to rise by a multiple of 60 over the next 15 years. Even if you could afford to outlay 60 times that of your current cybersecurity budget of today, we know that this is not a viable option. We have put a lot of focus on reducing the more hidden and costly aspects of cybercrime to within your risk appetite and significantly reduce the cost of impact of cybercrime to your organisation.

We believe that company directors whom are not prepared for cybercrime will suffer reputational and financial repercussions in the next five years

Whilst the operational impacts are the first to be noticed when cyber breaches occur, these are not as severe as the physical, personal, legal, reputational and financial impacts that may unravel over the years following a cyber breach.

Being uncertain, unprepared and unable to deal with cybercrime are the three weaknesses behind company directors leaving them vulnerable. These already abruptly ended the careers of the former executives of Target, OPM, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ashley Madison and Talk Talk. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. To defeat these three  weaknesses – being uncertain, unprepared and unable there are three weapons we will happily help you master.

We help company directors with insight, foresight and oversight to prepare their organisations to be armed and ready for combating cybercrime

Mastering these three weapons will equip you with the knowledge, strategy, and army to be ready for tomorrow’s cybercriminals, today so that you may reduce the risk of cybercrime. These weapons are insight, foresight and oversight.

First, we help you gain insight on the most likely cyber threats and legal, reputational and financial cost of impact of those threats to your organisation, then we help you leverage foresight to plan a comprehensive yet easy to implement strategy as to how you will address tomorrow’s cyber threats today; and finally, we help you embrace oversight to empower the entire organisation to play a mission critical element in protecting the organisation from cybercriminals.

We enable company directors to reduce the cost of cybercrime through risk reduction, operational efficiency, a return on investment, and a competitive edge

When you put your weapons to good use, victory against cybercriminals is possible. Before long, a pattern begins to emerge and the payoff from getting to the cultural roots of the cybercrime problem becomes apparent. We call this “Cyber Resilience”.

Combating cybercrime will, without a doubt, result in a risk reduction, but this is just the beginning. Most organisations stop there. Ultimately risk reduction can create additional benefits such as operational efficiency which, in turn, produces a return on investment, and that return can be used to foster a competitive edge. We not only help you achieve these, but also help you measure these to demonstrate the value of combating cybercrime.

What makes us unique?


We do not talk in jargon or geek speak, because we know it serves no purpose when working with executive and non-executive company directors. Though we understand technology and cybercrime well, we are management consultants and that means we replace the language of ones and zeroes with dollars and sense. We know you are time poor and brevity and clarity are cornerstones of our communications.


We do not fix technology problems, nor do we sell you technology in the hope that it will reduce the impact of cybercrime by a fraction of a percent. We help you solve the aspects of cybercrime that IT is either not capable of solving or has no interest in solving. These are deeper underlying problems that have enabled cybercrime to perpetuate and stem from culture and are enough to make IT run for the hills.


We do not have dollar signs in our eyes every time we uncover a problem in the way your organisation combats cybercrime. We first look to see how you can make some minor changes to better leverage existing investments. Only when all options are exhausted and your strategy requires additional people, process or technology would we suggest you allocate budget to new solutions.


We do not assume that you are like any other organisation that has common geography, culture or industry elements. We know that no two organisations are alike and we respect this. Whilst we have a standard framework we have built and follow to ensure consistently high quality outcomes, what we deliver to you is tailored specifically to your wants, needs and desires.


We do not send in the slick salesperson to close the deal and then follow up with pimply graduates fresh out of university to populate information into a spreadsheet. We use seasoned veterans that understand the technical and business implications of cybercrime and can have constructive conversations about problems and offer creative but fit for purpose solutions by tapping into decades of experience.


We do not provide mediocre results that result in you questioning our value and ethics. We are here to become a trusted extension of your team. We are so passionate about making a real difference which you can measure and we will happily help you measure it, if need be, and confident in our ability to deliver high value outcomes that we offer a no risk 100% money back guarantee.

Want to know how The Security Artist got its name?

The Graphic Artist

combines blue, red, and yellow to create a visual masterpiece

The Music Artist

combines do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti to create a symphony to the ears

The Culinary Artist

combines sweet, salty, savoury, bitter and sour to create an appetising feast

The Security Artist

combines insight, foresight and oversight to combat and reduce the cost of cybercrime

Meet the Founder and CEO

Andrew Bycroft is the founder, CEO, and visionary at The Security Artist. In creating The Security Artist, Andrew spent the time in early 2013 to conceive the idea of a boutique management consulting firm that would help company directors reduce the risk of exposure to the media in the event of a cyber breach.

Andrew is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a member of the Risk Management Institute of Australasia, a member of the Information Security Audit and Controls Association, a member of the Australian Information Security Association, and a member of the Business Continuity Institute.

As a highly respected public speaker, having also been featured as a cybercrime expert on Australian and International radio several times, the author of “The Cyber Intelligent Executive”, a book targeting executives to help them fight cybercrime, co-author of “Adapt or Die”, a parable aimed at executives, directors and company owners of wealth management enterprises, and author of “The Cyber intelligent Director”, a definitive yet practical guide about the role company directors should play in fighting cybercrime, Andrew taps into and shares over two decades of experience as a cybersecurity advisor to ensure that Australia’s company directors have the best chance of preserving not only the reputation of their organisations, but their own personal reputations.

Bringing new insights and complete mindset transformation, Andrew is the only cybersecurity expert in Australia that has made serious ground into building a model that articulates the value of cybersecurity in financial terms to quantify risk reduction; operational efficiency; return on investment; and competitive edge. A thought leader who challenges the status quo, Andrew makes the complex simple and shakes up the entrenched, yet erroneous, belief that cybersecurity is the sole domain of IT.  In fact Andrew, and his team at The Security Artist excel at helping global leading organisations solve the aspects of cybercrime which IT is either not interested in or just plain incapable of resolving.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys reading books on psychology, technology, business, marketing and finance; watching movies of various genres; and eating excessively spicy Chinese food. When not buried in a book, chilling out in the home theatre or trying to kill off the last of his taste buds, Andrew spends time with those who are dearest to him – his wife and two daughters.

What others have to say about The Security Artist

The Security Artist has assisted with the development of strategy for not just Cyber Security, but Cyber Resilience (an important distinction). They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that has assisted in shaping the planning, execution and communication of sound, business appropriate recommendations to our executives and board.

Hank Opdam

The Star Entertainment Group

I had been looking for a cybersecurity expert to educate our business for some time before coming across The Security Artist. After touching base, I received a copy of the book “The Cyber Intelligent Executive” and it just highlighted how exposed our business was and how much we had to learn. The Security Artist then presented to my entire team which consists of “businesses within our business”. The session was extremely informative with a taste of humour and really well received.

Nathan Swain

Australian Property Finance

The Security Artist is exactly that, presenting security ideas in an engaging and interactive approach. They use very visual presentations to engage the mind and speak with a depth of knowledge and a level of authority that any director would appreciate. I have no hesitation in recommending them for assignments where security education is paramount and engaging the hearts and minds of the audience is absolutely necessary

Tim Rippon

The Business Continuity Institute

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