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A $2 bottle of milk today would cost $120 by 2030 if inflation was to rise at the rate of cybercrime. Imagine having access to bovine that produce $120 bottles of milk – perhaps that will become the new definition of a cash cow in the 21st century!

But seriously, the 21st century has brought about a new pandemic. Cybercrime is, for the most part, a silent and invisible threat that we are spending more and more money on every year to no avail. Organisations irrespective of geography, industry and maturity are proving no match for the onslaught of cybercrime.

We drew a line in the sand, or maybe it was a line in a Photoshop image of sand and said, “Enough is enough”.

After all, what kind of legacy are we, as the leaders of organisations today, creating for the world in which our children and grandchildren will grow up, if we don’t act now with a real solution to this real problem?

We decided the responsible thing to do was to embark on creating and sustaining a future in which the costs of cybercrime are insignificant.

Our vision:

to create and sustain a future in which the cost of cybercrime becomes insignificant

An adrenalin rush kicked in, but then came the daunting challenge. Where does one begin with such a massive task?

We became very much like kids and kept asking the question “why?” until we were able to get to the core of the problem, and luckily we did, because had we gone on any longer the word “why” would have driven us insane.

Firstly we uncovered that organisations have defined the wrong goal when it comes to combating cybercrime. That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you. The idea of cybersecurity as a goal is seriously flawed.

The next problem we discovered was that the wrong goal forces organisations to take the wrong approach. Essentially, we are trying to build the roof without having laid the foundations. Leading with technology solutions is not the answer.

A two-decade problem was in dire need of changing. Four years of research showed us that It will take small but consistent steps in the right direction and can only come to fruition if the board of directors and executives also play a small, but vital, role in developing and executing a strategy for beating the rising cost of cybercrime.

Our mission:

to empower company directors and executives to play a small, but vital, role in developing and executing a strategy for beating the rising cost of cybercrime

A vision and mission of these proportions can only be achieved if built upon a solid set of core values. We have four:

(1) Openness – we are completely transparent and don’t hold back when it comes to sharing our very best wisdom and new ideas with you

(2) Consistency – we create an awe-inspiring experience, not once or twice, but, each and every time you work with us. Everything we deliver comes with the cherry on top

(3) Simplicity – we break down the complexities of cybercrime into everyday language so there is never any mystery; just actionable intelligence

(4) Caring – we pour our heart and soul into everything we do because we care about you and we care about those you serve. We are here to make a measurable difference

These values form the foundation for everything we do at The Security Artist, a management consultancy created by visionary, and globally recognised cybercrime expert, Andrew Bycroft, in early 2013.

From the ideas we seed and nurture, to the people we invite to be a part of our highly successful team, to the services we deliver and the frameworks that reside at the heart of those services, you will see a vivid display of these four values.

Our values:

openness, consistency, simplicity and caring

If our vision, mission and values resonated with you and you would like to work with us, get started with our Charity & Wisdom workshop

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