Christmas is a joyous occasion for most of us. It is a time to reflect upon and celebrate the completion of another year and a great opportunity to spend time with friends, families and loved ones; but as always – where there is love; its direct opposite, fear will also rear its ugly head.

Fear comes about for those that do not take extra precautions. Cybercriminals, fraudsters and online scammers see this as their golden opportunity to take advantage of the fact that everyone is preoccupied with shopping, caught up in Christmas parties, trying to finish those all important projects before the year ends, and let’s not forget being prepared for the big feast on Christmas Day, so much so, that they become vulnerable to the dangers of transacting money, and… all of a sudden, by the time we realise what has happened, it is too late.

The joy of Christmas can quickly turn into heartache and stress. Contained within are five valuable tips to keep you safe this year

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